Vigilancia tecnológica

Vigilancia Tecnológica

Systems and methods for Alberto knot tying apparatus

Tool is an apparatus for tying fishing line of dissimilar and similar types together. It has a base frame to allow a person to hold the unit or secure to a stationary object with clamps or vice. Base Frame is a “C” shape fabricated from material to hold shape and pressure including wood, plastic, metal, or composite. Top “C” end one of base frame and top “C” end two of base frame have cleats that can be made from neoprene type of compressible material, silicon, including other material that will not damage filament. These cleats secure and align the line for tying. Using short post two with obtuse angle located at “C” end one point and high post one 90-degree angle on opposite “C” end these posts hold filament while the cleats hold the filament secure and steady. The post is used for wrapping similar and dissimilar line around when tying knot. This allows consistent secure tying from unit.

Fecha publicación: 29/08/2023

Número: US11737441B1 (B1)

Solicitante: REYNOLDS JAMES J?[US]


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