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Vigilancia Tecnológica

Modeling the Long-Term Deformation of a Geodesic Spherical Frame Structure Made from Wood Plastic Composite Lumber

The long-term deformation of a geodesic spherical frame structure with a diameter of 20 m made from wood plastic composite (WPC) lumber (struts) is described using the Norton-Bailey power law model to predict the service life creep behavior (the creep strain ( ε c r )) of the WPC. The Norton-Bailey power law model parameters, A the power law multiplier, n the stress order, and m the time order, were obtained from experimental four-point bending flexural creep measurements of WPC lumber subjected to three levels of flexural stress: 7, 14, and 29% of the ultimate flexural strength for 200 days. The parameters obtained from the experiments showed good agreement to the model of the WPC lumber in flexure. The Norton-Bailey power law parameters were then implemented to describe the long-term deformation of the spherical frame structure. The limit of failure was considered when the WPC creep strain reaches the value of 1%. However, the FEA predicted the maximum creep strain to be 20% of the failure strain. This modeling approach is considered useful to describe and predict the long-term deformation of aquacultural structures made from viscoelastic materials during the envisioned service life (10 years) based on experimental creep data for the members that form the structure.

Fecha publicación: 21/07/2020

Autor: Murtada Abass A. Alrubaie

Referencia: doi: 10.3390/app10145017

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