Vigilancia tecnológica

Vigilancia Tecnológica

Consumer behaviour towards Wood-Polymer packaging in convenience and shopping goods: A comparative analysis to conventional materials

As a novel biobased compound material, Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) has a high substitution potential for pure plastics. Although consumer attitudes towards biobased packaging and products have been measured in many cases to date, they have hardly been associated with WPC. This study was the first to survey the willingness-to-pay and factors influencing the purchase of WPCs in comparison to cardboard, PET and aluminium-based packaging materials. A convenience and a shopping good were used as test objects. It was shown that WPC achieved significantly higher prices in both categories. For the convenience product, rather young consumers and singles were found to be more prepared to accept higher prices in connection with WPC. For the shopping good, the target group was older and lived in families. In both products, PET scored worst, while aluminium was more accepted in higher-priced goods. As far as the level of knowledge about the new WPC material is concerned, the respondents correctly assessed the carbon footprint and food safety except for the material weight. The results support future product developments with WPC.

Fecha publicación: 01/12/2020

Autor: Daniel Friedrich

Resources, Conservation and Recycling

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