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Training Matrix: The Roadmap for Employee Advancement

by Liz Stevens, contributing writer, Plastics BusinessCreating and conducting a training program is hard work, but it is worth the investment â?? because when employees gain knowledge, companies gain valuable expertise. However, creating a methodology that easily explains the program and the benefits it offers can be challenging.

Makuta Technics and Engineered Profiles are two vastly different manufacturers that have created training programs for the benefit of their companies and for the benefit of their associates. We spoke with Stu Kaplan, president of Makuta, and with Adam Wachter and Paul Cunningham, CFO and training manager, respectively, at Engineered Profiles, to learn about the training programs at both companies.

Engineered Profiles: Organized training schedule eases employee advancementEngineered Profiles, LLC, Columbus, Ohio, has been providing leading-edge plastic extrusion solutions to a wide array of industries for over 70 years. The company runs on a 24/7 schedule with about 250 full-time employees. It has 45 main extrusion lines, three production buildings and one fabrication cell. With twin and single screw extruders, Engineered Profiles works with PVC, PE and PVC wood composite, PP, PE, ABS, PS, PC and Nylon.

In 2015, Paul Cunningham was plant manager at Engineered Profiles, having worked his way up over the years from his start as an operator. Training there had been going on for decades in a very casual manner, with only sporadic attempts to create a more cohesive approach.

â??There wasnâ??t really anything formal,â? explained Cunningham. â??Our means of training people was to give them some paperwork when they were hired, have them work with different operators every day and tell them that when they felt ready they could take a test to see if they could become an operator.â?

That approach wasnâ??t as effective as needed. â??We were having a lot of trouble keeping operators,â? said Cunningham, â??so we felt that formalizing a plan â?? a career path â?? would help us get and keep people. In 2015, we formalized a program, and I took the training manager role.â?

Fecha publicación: 15/03/2021

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