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Vigilancia Tecnológica

Wear Characterization of Phenol-Formaldehyde-Based Saguvani Wood–Polymer Composite—An ANOVA Approach

In this part of the research work, the Taguchi approach is used to analyze the weight wear loss of PF-based 10% chemically treated saguvani wood–polymer composite under dry sliding conditions. The fabrication of PF-based wood–polymer composite consisting of 10% chemically treated saguvani wood particles as reinforcement material filled with coconut shell powder is used. The rotary-drum-type blender is used for uniform mixing of reinforcement materials with resin as per the calculated volume ratio. The inclusion of coconut shell powder as secondary particles in the PF-based wood plastic composite minimizes the wearability of the composite. The Taguchi method is used successfully to analyze the wear behavior of the PF-based wood–polymer composite with sliding speed, load, and sliding distance as control parameters. The experimental work reveals that the composite C1 shows minimum wear loss compared to the other composite specimens, C2 and C3. And the most influential parameter that causes more wear is the sliding distance among the three control parameters.

Fecha publicación: 14/07/2023

Autor: B. T. Ramesh

Referencia: doi: 10.3390/ma16144999

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