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Teknor Apex Adds Siding and Window Capstock to Custom Weatherable Compound Portfolio

Homeowners today want low-maintenance exteriors. To answer that demand, Teknor Apex has introduced a series of acrylic-based compounds for highly weatherable, dark-color outer, or “cap,” layers in PVC exterior products. They are the latest addition to the company’s extensive portfolio of custom capstocks for building products, marketed under the new brand name, Weatherguard.

The Weatherguard WG-8000 compounds from Teknor Apex feature enhanced weatherability and low heat build. Image courtesy Teknor Apex.After 10,000 hours of QUV accelerated weathering tests, the Weatherguard WG-8000 series compounds exhibited a color change of less than 1 Delta E for black, a significant improvement over standard acrylic grades with comparable physical properties. The weathering performance is coupled with resistance to a phenomenon called “water whitening,” a weathering defect caused by high humidity and rapid temperature changes that is most notable in dark colors such as black and dark bronze.

The combination makes for a unique set of properties for applications where high aesthetics are required, according to John Macaluso, Industry Manager, Building and Construction, for the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex. “Weatherguard WG-8000 series capstock compounds exhibit similar or improved impact-resistance in comparison with acrylics commonly used in capstock applications today,” said Macaluso.

“We can modify the base technology to meet specific gloss gargets, and we can customize processing properties, making it unnecessary for building product manufacturers to retool — particularly valuable in the case of complex profiles such as window and door profiles,” Macaluso added. The enhanced weatherability and low heat build of Weatherguard WG-8000 compounds is important in light of the trend among manufacturers to lengthen coverage in warranties, he also noted.

The new compounds add to an already extensive series of capstock compounds in the Weatherguard product line, including formulations for use with PVC substrates in railings, fencing, siding, windows, and doors, plus other capstock products for polyolefin substrates used in the wood-plastic composite deck market. Teknor Apex supplies these products on a custom basis, with formulations tailored to customer requirements for color, gloss level, and many other properties.

Fecha publicación: 17/06/2020

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